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12 Ways To Fix iPhone Apps Keep Crashing After iOS 15/14 Update

iPhone App Keeps Crashing

Are you facing an app keeps crashing on iPhone 13/12/11? Wondering how to fix an app that keeps crashing on iPhone?

As we know that iPhone application are very much stable, but sometimes it happens that several users come across iPhone apps keep crashing issues.

Well, it’s a very annoying situation for anyone when your favorite app started freezing or crashing suddenly.

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[9 Solutions] How To Fix Vertical Lines On iPhone Screen (iOS 15/14 Supported)

Fix Vertical Lines On iPhone Screen

Have you noticed vertical lines on your iPhone 13/12/11?

If yes then no need to worry as you are not alone. Plenty of iPhone users have reported this kind of issue. Though there are several reasons behind it when it occurs then we as a user get panic.

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10 Ways To Fix iMessage Not Working On iPhone [iOS 15 Supported]

Fix iMessage Not Working On iPhone

Undoubtedly, Apple’s messaging applications work without errors or issues. But sometimes you may come across a situation when your messages aren’t delivered to anyone or we are not able to receive anyone’s messages.

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[Solved]: Top 7 Ways To Fix White Screen Of Death On iPhone

Fix White Screen of Death On iPhone

White Screen of Death is a big issue that is faced by many iPhone and iOS device users. When your phone screen turns white then you can’t see any apps or icons. Basically, you can’t do anything with your iPhone. But it doesn’t mean that your iPhone is completely dead.

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