Android Repair Guide

Android System Repair Guide

Before you start, install, and run the Android System Repair tool on your computer and click on the “Start” button.

Step 1: Select Android phone details and Download Firmware

Once you click on “Start”, the below screen will popup. To download appropriate firmware, you have to give some details about your phone. Ensure to select necessary information before you press “Download Firmware

Now the program will automatically download and extract the firmware

After the extraction is over, the listed information will be confirmed. If something wrong, correct the information and select the right one to download. If you skip this then fix may not work and may break your phone. Even the information can get erased.

Step 2: Connect Android to PC & Put It in Download Mode

When every detail is correct, select “Start” option

Now connect your phone to PC and ensure your device is in “Download Mode” before moving ahead. When you put in download mode, it will automatically begin the fixing process.

If your phone has a home button then:

  • Turn off your device or tablet
  • Then press and hold Volume Down, Home and Power button together. Continue to hold 3 buttons unless you see a warning message
  • Now press Volume Up button to enter Download Mode

When your phone won’t have a home button then:

  • Hold the Power button to turn off the phone
  • Now press and hold Volume Down + Bixby + Power button and continue to hold them unless you see a warning message
  • Then press Volume Up button to enter download mode

Step 3: Start to Repair the Android System

After your device enters into download mode, all the issues will be fixed from your phone automatically. But remember to connect your device to PC while the process.

After the repairing process is over, your Android phone will restart automatically.