Android Unlock Guide

Android Unlock Guide

Follow the below steps to bypass lock screen and gain access once again.

Part 1: Unlock Google FRP Lock

Step 1: Connect Your Device

First, download and install Android Unlock on PC. Then select “Remove Google Lock (FRP)” on first screen

Now tap on “Start” option and connect your phone to PC via USB cable

Step 2: Select and Confirm Device Information

Device information will detect automatically. If its wrong then correct it and click on “Next” to move further

Here you have to follow the onscreen instruction to put the device in recovery mode and then tap on “Next”.  Choose device PDS or insert manually and choose right country and carrier. Next, tap on “Download” option to continue.

Step 3: Prepare Data Package for Your Device

Once PDA information is confirmed, program will begin to search and download data package of your phone

When downloading is over, click on “Start to Extract” to unpack

Now follow onscreen steps to put into Downloading Mode and tap on “Start

Here enter “000000” to confirm the step for the installation process to start

Next, follow the instructions to enable “USB Debugging” and “OEM unlock” on the device and confirm OEM unlock.

Step 4: Prepare Firmware Package for Your Device

Now reset your device by following the instructions. Once reset is over, put your phone in Downloading Mode again to download the firmware package

When firmware package is downloaded, tap on “Start to Extract” and will prepare firmware of your phone

Step 5: Start to Unlock the Google Lock

Here the program begins to unlock Google lock after firmware extracts. You have to wait for some time to finish.

And here it is. Now Google lock is removed successfully from the phone and you can access the device without verifying Google account.

Part 2: Unlock Android Screen Passcode

Select “Remove Screen Lock” mode on the home page. You will get two modes here: Remove without Data Loss for Samsung Devices only and Remove Screen Lock for All Android Devices.

Mode 1: Remove without Data Loss

Step 1: Select and Confirm Your Device Information

First, select Remove without Data loss and tap on Start option

Now choose the device name, model, and click on Start. After that, click on Confirm option

Step 2: Download Data Package

Now the program begins to download the data package

Once it is downloaded, tap on Next

Step 3: Connect and Set Up Device

Here connect your device to computer through USB cable

Now follow the steps to put your phone in downloading mode. Then tap on Start to Unlock once your device is in Downloading mode.

Step 4: Start to Remove without Data Loss

After that, the program begins to remove screen lock from your phone

And that’s done. Your screen lock is now removed successfully.

Mode 2: Remove Screen Lock for All Android Devices

Step 1: Connect Your Device

First, download and install Android Unlock on the computer. Then select “Remove Screen Lock” mode and tap on “Start

Note– Your data will get deleted in this process after Android lock screen is removed

Now connect your device to PC via USB cable and your device information will be uploaded automatically.

Note– When your device is in Recovery mode then click the option “Click Here” on screen

Step 2: Confirm Your Device Information

Now your device information is detected automatically. After confirming, tap on “Start to Unlock

Note– If any information wrong then correct it manually

Here you have to wait for some time to download and send the data package to the device

Step 3: Start to Remove the Passcode

You have to follow the onscreen instructions to reset your device and wait until screen lock passcode is removed from phone

Once the process is done, the passcode is successfully removed from the device.