13 Ways To Fix Bluetooth Keeps Stopping On Android

Did you recently come across “Bluetooth keeps stopping” on your Android phone? Concerned about why Bluetooth keeps disconnecting and reconnecting Android phone? If yes then don’t panic, you have landed in the perfect place.

We all are aware of Bluetooth, one of the important parts of technology that comes on devices for several uses. Using it, we can easily transfer a variety of data or files from one device to another wirelessly. However, the problem also exists at the same time while using it.

Many users have reported that Bluetooth keeps disconnecting during the transfer of files. This kind of problem is not a new thing to experience but still it irritates users.

Therefore, to help you out of this situation, I have gathered some of the best tricks to fix Bluetooth keeps stopping on Android phone.

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Effective Methods- How To Fix Bluetooth Keeps Stopping On Android

As we know every problem has a solution, so this error can also be fixed without much trouble. You have to follow the methods mentioned below.

So let’s read below.

Fix 1: Restart Your Phone

Restarting helps us to fix any kind of app-stopping or crashing issues, so if you have encountered Bluetooth crashing issues, you must try this method once to fix the error.

Step to restart your phone:

  • Long press the Power key of your phone until options display on your screen
  • Now, click on Power Off or Restart or Reboot

restart phone

Here, check if the issue is resolved or not.

Fix 2: Turn Off And Turn On Bluetooth

The next method you must try is to disable and enable Bluetooth and check if this trick works or not to fix Bluetooth disconnecting error.

Here are the steps to do:

  • Open the Notification bar by swiping down your phone screen
  • Next, click on the Bluetooth sign and turn off it. If it is already enabled, wait for a while and turn it on again

enable disable bluetooth

Apply this method two to three times and see if it works or not. If not, then move to another method.

Fix 3: Unpair And Forget Bluetooth Devices

Another method you can try to fix Bluetooth keeps disconnecting Android 12 is by unpairing the connected devices. And then remove those paired ones from the recently connected device list.

Check the below steps to remove paired devices:

  • First, open Settings
  • Now, choose the Bluetooth option
  • Next, click on the Bluetooth device name
  • Finally, click on Unpair & Forget

unpair bluetooth

That’s it.

Fix 4: Update Your Phone OS

Your Bluetooth may stop working when you are using an outdated operating system on your phone. Updating the OS might help you to overcome the issue and at the same time, bugs or other issues will also be fixed.

Follow the steps to update your OS:

  • Open Settings and select System
  • After that, choose System Updates
  • Click on the Check for Updates option


If any updates are available, the download & install option will appear.

Fix 5: Update Your Bluetooth Driver

To avoid this kind of error, you have to ensure that your Bluetooth is running on the latest version. If it’s still in the old version then also there is a chance to come across unexpected errors.

Steps to update Bluetooth Driver:

  • Open Settings, choose System Updates
  • Now, click on Software Update
  • Finally, turn on the Automatically Download option

Fix 6: Reset Bluetooth App

You can also reset your Bluetooth app to default in order to fix Bluetooth keeps crashing issue. The Bluetooth app is not listed in the app list, to reset it follow the below guidelines:

  • Go to Settings > Open Apps
  • Click on three lines dot to open the menu
  • Then, choose Show System apps
  • Now search and click on Bluetooth
  • Finally, click on Reset the app

Fix 7: Boot Into Safe Mode

Booting the device into safe mode can help you know if there is any third party creating the problem. If you have installed any third-party apps after which the error is popping up then this trick can help you.

Steps to enter into safe mode:

  • First, long press the Power key until the Reboot option displays
  • When your device reboots, press the Volume Down key and release the Power key

reboot in safe mode

  • Now your device is successfully entered into safe mode

Fix 8: Remove Other Bluetooth Devices

When multiple Bluetooth devices are connected, it might stop Bluetooth from functioning on your device. Simply disconnect other Bluetooth devices that you don’t want now. There might be some conflict between connections.

But if this method is unable to resolve your issue then go to the next method.

Fix 9: Clear Bluetooth Cache And Data

If still Bluetooth keeps disconnecting and reconnecting Android, then you should try to clear the cache and data to fix the issue.

Check the below steps:

  • First, open Settings, then click on Apps
  • After that, tap on the three-dot menu at the top right and select All System Apps
  • Scroll down and choose Bluetooth
  • Then, click on Force Stop
  • Next, tap on the Clear Cache option

Bluetooth Cache And Data

  • Lastly, Restart your phone

Fix 10: Wipe Cache Partition

If you found the issue is related to your app, deleting cache partitions might help you to fix it.

Follow the steps as guided:

  • First, switch off your device
  • Then, long press the Power key and Volume Up keys together
  • Release the Power key when your device vibrates but continue to hold the Volume Up key
  • Now, click on wipe cache partition. Go through the menu by pressing Volume Down and Power key


  • Next, click on delete all user data and wait to complete the process
  • After completing, click on reboot system now

That’s it.

Fix 11: Reset Network settings

Resetting your network will also help you to fix Bluetooth keeps stopping Android 14 errors. If the above options won’t work you can follow this one as it has helped many users to fix the issue.

Steps to reset network settings:

  • First, go to Settings > select System
  • Then, go to Advanced and choose Reset options
  • Now, select Reset Wi-Fi, mobile & Bluetooth

reset network settings

Fix 12: Do Factory Reset

If the Bluetooth crashing error is not yet resolved, then you have to factory reset your device. This process removes every data from your device, so don’t forget to take a backup of your files before proceeding.

To perform a factory reset; open Settings followed by Factory Reset and tap on Reset. Now follow on-screen directions to complete the action.

factory reset

Fix 13: Fix Bluetooth Keeps Crashing/Stopping On Android With One Click

You can also go for a professional tool like Android Repair to fix Bluetooth keeps stopping on Android phone. Several types of errors can occur on Android devices on a daily basis but at the time, there are fixes as well. Using this powerful tool helps to troubleshoot the error without data loss and with one click.

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The tool supports all Android phones and does not require any technical skills to use. You can follow its step-by-step user guide to fix your Android phone issue easily.

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In this blog, I have described various useful ways to fix Bluetooth keeps stopping/crashing on Android phones. The error can interrupt at any time creating problems for users to use it. However, there is nothing to worry about as several fixes are available.

If you want to fix the error using any professional tool then I suggest you use the Android Repair tool. Just download and install this tool and then fix any kind of problem without data loss.

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