[FIXED] 10 Ways To Fix Android Phone Stuck In Headphone Mode

Did your Android phone stuck in headphone mode? Wondering why is my Android stuck in headphone mode and how to turn off headphone mode on Android without headphones in.

Lots of question occurs in our minds when such an unexpected situation happens. This is general but don’t panic.

Not only you and me, but plenty of users come across such kinds of issues in their day-to-day lives. Well, if you’re dealing with the above-mentioned error then you have reached the correct place.

After reading this article,  you will get the best methods on how to fix Android phone stuck in headphone mode?

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Why Is My Android Phone Stuck In Headphone Mode?

Several users want to know the reason behind Android stuck in headphone mode error as they aren’t aware of different unknown errors.

So, I’ve listed some of the root causes of occurring this error/bug.

  • Inserting the headphones many times
  • Defective headphone
  • Plugging and unplugging the headphones carelessly
  • Damaged or faulty headphone port.
  • Some issues in your phone settings
  • Dirt, lint, or dust get stuck inside your headphone jack
  • Due to water damage
  • Something wrong with your device

If you know the reasons once, it’ll become easier for you to resolve Android stuck in headphone mode issue. Let’s try out a few basic tricks to fix Android phone stuck in headphone mode water damage.

Part 1: Fix Android Phone Stuck In Headphone Mode Using Android Repair Tool [Automatic Way]

One of the best ways to get rid of Android stuck in headphone mode error is – using the professional repairing software named Android Repair Tool. It helps many users fix different types of system issues on Android within a few clicks only.

This tool is very easy to use and mostly used by professionals as it has the highest repair rate. Some errors it can fix include WhatsApp has stopped, moisture detected error on Samsung, not registered on network, WiFi stuck obtaining IP address, and others. The best feature of this tool is that it supports all versions of Android & has a user-friendly interface.

So, just quickly download and install the Android Repair tool and fix how to remove headphone icon on Android.

Android Repair- 1 Click Repair Tool For Android

Easily fix any kind of issues or errors on Android by 1 click repair tool. Fixes any Android error without hasslefree:

  • Ability to fix several Android system issues or errors like Black screen of death, apps keep crashing, stuck in boot loop etc.
  • Helps to make Android system back to normal without any skills required
  • Has the highest success rate to fix any types of Android errors

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Follow the steps to fix Android stuck in headphone mode.

Part 2: How To Fix Android Phone Stuck In Headphone Mode [Manual Ways]

After trying the automatic solution, if you want then manual methods are also available to help you out.

Way #1: Plugin & unplug your headphone once

This can be a temporary issue that might have occurred while you’re removing your headphones suddenly in the middle of playing audio.

For that, you should try to solve this issue by plugging in and out the headphones from the device. So, let’s just do it immediately and get rid of this error.

Way #2: Restart The Android Phone

Many people believe that restarting has the power to fix any kind of issues or glitches.

Here are the easy steps to restart the device:

  • At first, long-press & hold the Power key on the Android
  • After that, a popup will appear on your phone
  • Then, hit on the Restart option

Restart phone

Way #3: Use Different Pairs of Headphones

Have you thought ever, that if you are using a faulty or damaged pair of headphones then what?

So, just make use of the different headphones & check if there is any defect in your headphones themselves. Damaged headphones can sometimes get you in trouble and display an error.

Way #4: Pull out your Phone’s Battery & Re-insert it Again

Not able to repair my phone is stuck in headphone mode error by rebooting the Android device?

What exactly happens, some users have the habit of removing their headphones from the device forcefully as they have to rush to work which may lead to this kind of problem. Thus, I will suggest you remove the battery from the phone & reinsert it again.

Now, just turn on the phone by pressing the power key and see if the error is fixed.

Pull out battery

Way #5: Clean The Interior Part Of Headphone Port

In most cases, it happens that we usually ignore to clean out the phone from the inside & possibly this can be the reason behind this issue. Thus, if you want to check whether something got stuck in the inside of your headphone port, just take the flashlight & look inside the headphone port.

If you find anything that has been stuck inside, simply try to clean or remove it using the cotton swab.

Remove dirt from headphone port

Way #6: Make use of the Vacuum Cleaner

If you are dealing with an Android phone stuck in headphone mode after dropping in water error as the water gets inside the headphone port then you should use this method.

You may take the help of the vacuum cleaner & the cordless vac. Whenever you switch on your cordless vac, only in a few seconds the symbol of “headphone stuck” will disappear from your phone’s screen.

Try vacuum

Way #7: Update Your Android Phone

Do you want to fix my phone is stuck in headphone mode issue completely?

Here is the proper way for you –update your smartphone immediately. Doing so will help you to solve this issue permanently. Most of the time, using an old version of the device leads to unwanted errors.

Here is how to update Android OS:

  • First, open Settings on your phone
  • Now, go to About Software and check if there is any update available
  • If yes then click on the Update option and wait until your phone reboots.


Way #8: Do Factory Reset on Android Phone

If the above manuals won’t be able to solve this issue, now it’s time to take a strong decision. You should try to fix phone stuck in headphone mode water damage problem by performing a factory reset on Android.

As you know, taking this step will wipe out everything from your phone. So, don’t forget to create a backup of your precious data before doing a factory reset.

Let’s see, how to do so:

  • Go to the Settings app on your phone
  • Search for Backup & Reset option & click on it
  • Again, make a tap on Erase all data
  • At last, hit on Reset Phone to confirm your process

Factory reset

Way #9: Take your Android phone to Service Center

If you are still unable to fix the issue after performing a factory reset on Android then it is a good decision to send your phone to a repair shop. Well, there are some critical issues which can’t be fixed by us even after applying so much effort.

Thus, it’s a better way to send your phone to a specialist or professional, this is because if there is any complicated hardware or software issue, they will examine your device & solve the issue as soon.

FAQ [Frequently Asked Questions]

How Do I Fix My Phone Stuck In Headphone Mode?

You can fix My Phone Stuck In Headphone Mode error by using the most famous and feature-loaded Android Data Repair Tool with ease. This software can solve several kinds of errors and glitches in no time.

What Happens When My Phone Is Stuck In Headphone Mode?

Whenever your smartphone is stuck on the headphones mode, you will see a headphones icon or symbol at the top of your phone screen even then also when you unplug your headphones from the device. One more thing you notice is when your Android device gets stuck on the headset mode that is – there will be no sound from the speaker while playing the music. Only one way will leave to hear the music is to have the headphones in


We all know that this kind of issue is intolerable to all of us, thus I have gathered the 10 best & effective ways to solve Android phone stuck in headphone mode problems. So, just try out the above-mentioned methods one after another, hopefully, one of them will help you to fix the issue.

In case of any failure, you have another best option which is – the Android Repair Tool. If this article helps you in any way, do not forget to share it with your friends or relatives.

If you have any questions, suggestions & queries, drop a comment in the below section of this blog.

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