[11 Ways] Fix “Unfortunately, Messenger Has Stopped” On Android

Did your Facebook Messenger has stopped working accidentally? Are you looking for ways Messenger has stopped how to fix it?

Well, we all are familiar with the Messenger app that is used by millions of people around the Globe. But while accessing, it may show you errors like Messenger has stopped, Messenger not responding, etc. This situation is very much irritating especially when you are chatting with friends or family members.

So if you are worried about the error then don’t fret. In this blog, I will guide you on simple ways to fix unfortunately Messenger has stopped on Android phone.

Reasons Behind Messenger Has Stopped Working

Now, there can be several reasons for the error you are coming across. Some of them are given below:

  • Facebook Messenger gets corrupted by malware or virus attack
  • Messenger stops working due to a lot of photos, videos, and messages stored in the app
  • Lots of cache files gathered over a long time create errors

There can be more reasons, but you need not worry because I will suggest you some solutions, which will help you to overcome the issue.

How To Fix Unfortunately Messenger Has Stopped On Android- Best Methods

After knowing the common reasons for the error, let us go through all the possible methods to fix Messenger not working on Android.

Solution 1: Restart Your Device

Restarting solves most app crashing issues. So, you can try this method to get rid of the above issue easily. Follow the below steps to restart your device:

  • Long press the Power button
  • Now click on the Power off option that appears on the screen and your device will be switched off.

restart phone

Now, wait for a few seconds and then again long press the Power button to switch on your device.

Solution 2: Clear The Cache Of Messenger App

Cache files stored on your device prevent the app from running smoothly. So, you need to clean them when app crashing issues occur.

Follow these steps to clear the cache:

  • First, launch Settings on the phone
  • Go to Apps
  • Find Messenger App from the list
  • Tap on the Messenger app and then click on Clear Cache

clear data cache of messenger

  • Lastly, return to Home Screen and Restart Your Device to check if the issue is resolved or not.

Solution 3: Clear The Messenger App Storage

When you are using any app for a long time, it starts to consume the internal storage of your device showing Unfortunately Messenger has Stopped error. So, you need to clear this storage when your app starts misbehaving.

Here is how you can clear the storage of the messenger app:

  • Launch Settings on your device
  • Move down to the Storage option
  • Choose other apps
  • Search the Messenger app from the list and Click on that

clear messenger storage

  • Now, click on Clear Storage from the menu.

clear messenger storage1

Instead, you can also press and hold the Messenger app and choose the App info directly to move to the Storage option.

Solution 4: Update Messenger App

When you are using an older version of the app, this might create a crashing issue or get slow to open. In that case, updates can help you to avoid such errors.

So, I will suggest you update your Messenger app quickly by following the below-mentioned steps:

  • First, open the Google Play Store on your device
  • Tap on the Profile Icon
  • Click on Manage apps & games
  • Then click on the Updates available option
  • Scroll down and find your Messenger app from the list
  • Now, click on Update and wait till the process is complete

update messenger app

After the update is over, restart your device and open the Messenger app again to see if it’s working.

Solution 5: Re-Install Messenger App

If the update doesn’t work or no updates are available on the Google Play Store, then simply uninstall the Messenger app and reinstall it. This step might help you to fix unfortunately Messenger has stopped.

  • Launch Settings
  • Click on Apps then tap on All
  • Now find Messenger and click on Uninstall

uninstall messenger

  • After that Reboot or Restart your phone
  • Next, open Google play store and search for Facebook messenger
  • Click on the Install option on your phone again

install messenger app

After successfully installing the app, log in to it and check if Messenger is working as before.

Solution 6: Update Your Device

If your phone is running on an old operating system then it can also prevent Messenger from working. So, it’s better to check and update the OS timely.

  • Launch Settings of your device
  • Click on About phone
  • Choose System update
  • Click Check for update


  • Now, tap on Update and follow the instructions displayed on the screen to complete the action.

Solution 7: Leave Beta Version Of Messenger

If you are using the beta version of Facebook Messenger and getting errors, just leave it. It can also be the reason for the error.

Follow the below steps to leave the beta program:

  • Open the Google Play Store
  • Search the Messenger app on the search bar
  • Scroll down and click on the Leave option given under You are a beta tester

leave beta version of messenger

Finally, uninstall the messenger app and reinstall a stable version.

Solution 8: Remove Apps From The Multitasking Menu

Running multiple apps in the background of your device might affect your device. Eliminate those unnecessary apps and create some space for newly installed apps like Facebook Messenger.

Open the multitasking menu on your device and remove all the unnecessary apps from the list. This will help you to fix Messenger not responding error on Android.

remove apps from multitasking

Solution 9: Use Lite Version Of Messenger

If the original version of Messenger creates common problems, then it’s time to try Messenger Lite. The Lite version may not have the same features as the original one but it is useable.

Open the Google Play Store search for Messenger Lite on the search bar and install it. Login with the same ID and password of Facebook and see if it’s working without error.

messenger lite

Solution 10: Remove Messenger From Digital Wellbeing

By spending so much time on the Messenger app, we get addicted to it. Digital Wellbeing is an option on Android phones that helps to set a time limit on app usage.

Follow the below steps to dismiss Messenger from Digital Wellbeing:

  • Launch Settings on the phone
  • Find Digital Wellbeing and parental controls

digital wellbeing

  • Then, click on the usage dashboard
  • Find the Messenger app from the list and set the app timer

Solution 11: Alternate Mode To Fix FB Messenger Stopped Working On Android (Suggested)

If you are fed up with following all the above methods and still looking for fixes then go for Android Repair. This is a professional program that will fix Unfortunately Messenger has stopped on Android. Experts suggest it as the issue gets resolved with one click.

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So, here I have discussed various ways to fix “Unfortunately Messenger has stopped” error on Android. Generally, there are lots of reasons for such unwanted errors but fixes are also available. Try all the methods and get rid of them immediately. For an advanced solution, go for Android Repair and fix the issue with one click.

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