[7 Methods] Fix “Unfortunately, WhatsApp Has Stopped” On Android

Several WhatsApp users are using this application because it has countless outstanding features. But, sometimes you may come across some error messages while using your WhatsApp App.

Nevertheless, you don’t have to worry about it, as there’re various possible ways to resolve unfortunately WhatsApp has stopped working on Android. Here I have mentioned some of the best tricks that will surely help you to fix GB WhatsApp has stopped error.

So, read this whole article carefully. Before learning the solutions, check out the reasons responsible for the occurrence of this error.

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What Causes Unfortunately WhatsApp Has Stopped?

There is a number of factors that are responsible for the “Unfortunately, WhatsApp Has Stopped” issue.

Some of the potential reasons are listed below:

  1. Malware or virus infection in your Android phone
  2. Interrupting while upgrading your WhatsApp App
  3. Not having sufficient storage on your device
  4. Using an outdated version of the WhatsApp app or your operating system.

Now, you must want to know how to solve unfortunately WhatsApp has stopped on Android.

Let’s see…

How To Fix “Unfortunately, WhatsApp Has Stopped” On Android?

Simply try out these methods one after another and see, which will work in your case to repair GB WhatsApp has stopped.

Solution #1: Restart your Android device

Restarting your smartphone is one of the simplest methods that helps many users get rid of several kinds of issues. So, first, you should try to fix unfortunately WhatsApp has stopped error by simply rebooting your device.

Restarting the device has the power to fix all types of minor issues and glitches.

Restart phone

If restarting does not help you then move to the next method.

Solution #2: Force Stop Your WhatsApp App

The next solution that you should try in such a situation is – force stop your WhatsApp app & then again opens it.

Here are the easy steps to force stop the WhatsApp App:

  • Open your phone’s Settings App first
  • Then, go to the App & Notifications and simply click on See all apps.
  • Now you need to choose the problem causing the app
  • At last, under the App info page, click the Force stop option.

Force stop Whatsapp

You may also tap and hold to any of the app icons and then go to the App info. After the force stop, open your WhatsApp app again to check if the method works or not.

Solution #3: Clear WhatsApp Cache

When you are using your WhatsApp app, lots of unwanted files get stored on your Android phone. In this situation, you need to clear out the cache or junk files of the WhatsApp app.

Follow out the below-given steps and clear out the cache files of your WhatsApp app.

  • Open your Phone’s Settings app and then click on Apps
  • Now, find the WhatsApp from the apps list
  • As it opened, click on “Clear Cache”.

Clear Whatsapp cache

  • Then, restart your mobile phone and check if the issue is fixed.

Solution #4: Sign Out And Sign In Again To Your WhatsApp Account

Unfortunately, WhatsApp has stopped Samsung error might have occurred due to some minor problems related to your account.

They can be session expired or you might have logged in on different devices. So, here you need to sign out from the WhatsApp account & again try to sign in to it. Doing this may help you to resolve the problem.

logout of whatsapp app

Solution #5: Check for The Recent Updates

If the above-discussed solutions don’t work then you may try this method. Several times, it happens that some users are using the outdated version of WhatsApp Messenger. Because of this they come across such kinds of error messages.

Consequently, In this situation, you should check if any update is available.

Use the below-given procedures to check for the WhatsApp update on your play store app.

  1. Open the Google play store on your phone.
  2. Then, move to my apps section & check for the latest updates
  3. If any update is available to your WhatsApp messenger app then simply tap on the updates

update whatsapp

Now, wait for a few minutes for the latest version of WhatsApp will be installed on your Android phone as soon.

Solution #6: Shortage Of Storage On The Device

Not having sufficient space on your device can be another reason why your WhatsApp messenger app has stopped. Whenever your phone starts running low on space, some of the applications are not able to work properly.

And most probably your WhatsApp app is one such app. If the storage is the real culprit for this issue then I will suggest you follow the below given two things.

  • The first step is, to open your Settings app and check out your phone’s storage. Be sure that it has enough storage space for up to 100 – 200MB.
  • Or you should start eliminating those apps which are of no use.
  • This will free up the storage in your Android device and also let your app work properly.

Solution #7: Automatic Solution to Fix “Unfortunately, WhatsApp Has Stopped” Error

If you’ve tried out all the above solutions and are still unable to solve the “unfortunately, WhatsApp has stopped” error then I will suggest you use a powerful Android Repair program. It is one of the best and most advanced software that uses high-level mechanisms & powerful algorithms in order to perform the complete scanning.

As soon as the process is over, this will fix all the Android phone errors permanently. This software is very helpful for novice users because it comes with a user-friendly interface.

Apart from this error, it can solve other errors as well as the Android setting has stopped, Fitbit versa has stopped, Snapchat has stopped, IMS service has stopped, etc.

So, just simply download the Android Repair tool now and fix unfortunately WhatsApp has stopped error easily.

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Time to sum up

Now it’s time to end up… After going through this complete post, you must have got enough information on how to fix unfortunately WhatsApp has stopped working on Android.

You could try any of the above-outlined solutions to solve unfortunately WhatsApp has stopped error. But, the Android Repair Tool is the best among all of them. So, once you should try it.

That’s all…

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