[4 Ways] Recover Lost Data From iPhone 13/13 Pro/13 Pro Max/13 Mini

Did you lose your VITAL data like photos, videos, contacts, etc from iPhone 13/13 Pro/13 Pro Max/13 Mini? Wondering what to do and how to recover lost data from iPhone 13 series? If yes then don’t worry, this article will help you to tackle the situation.

The iPhone 13 series has already launched and users are waiting to access the unique features that iPhone provides. It has 4 variants that include iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max, and iPhone 13 Mini.

It has come up with various improved features that users were missing in the iPhone 12 series. Check more information on iPhone 13 features and comparisons.

But the important thing here is the data loss that most users face after buying the latest phones. There can be several reasons though for such situations as accidental deletion and others.

Therefore, if you have also faced the same issue and looking for solutions then I must say this blog is for you. Here, I will discuss several methods on how to recover lost data from iPhone 13 series with and without backup.

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Is It Possible To Recover Lost Data From iPhone?

Yes, there is a possibility to restore deleted data from iPhone.

This is possible because the lost or disappeared data is not removed permanently from the device. All the files are still available on the device but not visible to the user. The only file moves from the “Allocated” to the “Unallocated” folder.

Those files are only restored by using a professional recovery tool like iPhone data recovery.

But remember that you don’t overwrite them with any other data. If by any means, any kind of data gets saved and overwrites the old files then you will not be able to restore them anymore.

So after losing data, you should be very careful to avoid any kind of data getting stored on your iPhone.

How To Recover Lost Data From iPhone 13/13 Pro/13 Pro Max/13 Mini- Best Methods

Now, it’s time to walk through all the possible ways to retrieve disappeared files from iPhones with and without backup. Don’t forget to follow all the methods one by one to get back lost files from iPhone 13.

So let’s read further.

Method 1: Best Way To Recover Lost Data From iPhone 13/iPhone 13 Pro/iPhone 13 Pro Max/iPhone 13 Mini Without Backup

The very first method I strongly suggest is to use iPhone Data Recovery. The reason behind this is this powerful software is easy to use and helps you to recover deleted files from iPhone 13 without backup. Many users don’t create a backup of their important data and later on, realize their importance.

So to overcome such a situation, this software is just amazing to tackle the situation. With the use of this recovery program, all types of data are restored like contacts, photos, text messages, notes, videos, WhatsApp chats, Kik messages, Viber chats, call logs, music files, and others.

It supports all types of iPhones like iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max, iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone X/XS/XR/XS Max, iPhone 8/7/6/5, etc. Also, the software is compatible with all iOS versions like iOS 16/15/14/13/12/11 including the latest iOS 17 version.

So without wasting any time, just download and install iOS Data Recovery and restore lost files from iPhone 13 without backup.

Go through the complete user guide to know the steps one by one.

iOS Data Recovery- Worlds Best Data Recovery Tool For iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

Get back lost or deleted iPhone/iPod/iPod Touch data without any backup and in a quick time.

  • Has the highest data recovery rate in the industry
  • Recovers several data like contacts, photos, messages, notes, videos, etc
  • Compatible with latest iPhone 14/14 Pro/13/13 Pro/12/12 Pro/11/11 Plus/XR & supports iOS 16/15/14/13/12

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Method 2: Restore Files From iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max Using iTunes

If you have backed up your essential files via iTunes then you can restore them without any trouble.

Here is how to restore iPhone data from iTunes:

  • First, run “Finder” on a Mac running macOS Catalina 10.15 or higher or even you can launch iTunes on a computer
  • After that, connect your iPhone 13 series via USB cable to a PC. Then follow the instructions to enter the password and click on the “Trust” option on the device

restore-iphone from computer

  • Next, wait for the device to identify, and after that choose your iPhone model in iTunes or Finder
  • Now, tap on the “General” option in the main menu, move down, and tap on the “Restore Backup…” option

restore-iphone from computer1

  • From here, choose the recent backup list and then tap on the “Restore” option to begin the restoring process from backup to iPhone 13/13 Pro/13 Pro Max/13 Mini.

Method 3: Recover Lost Data From iPhone 13/13 Pro/13 Pro Max/13 Mini From iCloud

The iPhone users get another feature to back up their user data and that is iCloud Backup. Using this backup, you can restore all files without any problem.

So here are the steps to follow:

  • First, connect your iPhone 13 with a stable internet connection and then follow the on-screen steps to reach “Apps & Data” After that choose the “Restore from iCloud Backup” option


  • Here, enter your Apple ID and password to sign iCloud account
  • Next, select the iCloud backup file that you want to restore to your iPhone 13 series
  • While restoring the process, don’t interrupt the connection and wait unless the progress bar completes
  • Once, the restoring process is over, follow the onscreen instructions to finish the complete setup on your phone

That’s it.

Method 4: Get Back Photos And Videos From iPhone Recently Deleted Folder

If you have lost precious photos and videos from your iPhone and looking for how to restore them then I can help you to get them back for free. Those pictures or videos can be easily restored from the Recently Deleted folder.

Follow the below steps as guided:

  • First, open the photos app on your iPhone and tap on Albums at the bottom section
  • Now, move down to the list and look for recently deleted Here you will find all the pictures and videos that are recently deleted.

Recently Deleted folder

  • From here, select all photos or videos and tap on Restore

Note– The photos or videos saved in the Recently Deleted folder remain for 30 days. After that time period, the files are deleted permanently.


How do I recover data on my iPhone that wasn't backed up?

The deleted data that was not backed up can be recovered using a professional recovery tool like iPhone data recovery. Here are the steps to follow: Install iPhone data recovery software on the computer > Then connect your iPhone to PC via USB cable > Now, preview the files you want to restore > At last, click on the Restore option and wait unless all files are restored.

How do I recover lost photos from my iPhone?

The lost photos can be recovered from a Recently Deleted folder on iPhone. First, go to Photos > Albums > move down to the Recently Deleted folder > Now, choose pictures to restore and then tap on Recover

Are permanently deleted photos gone forever iPhone?

No, the permanently deleted photos are not gone forever unless they are overwritten with any new data on iPhone. Even the photos can be restored from the iPhone Recently Deleted folder. In this folder, the photos remain for 30 days unless they are permanently removed.


So here, this article comes to an end and I hope the above methods have helped you to tackle the situation. I must say that backup is always important and you should regularly do it.

Here, I have discussed various methods on how to recover lost data from iPhone 13/13 Pro/13 Pro Max/13 Mini with and without backup.

For a quick and easy way, go for iPhone Data Recovery and get back lost files from iPhone without backup.

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