Retrieve Deleted WhatsApp Pictures On Android

I had lost my WhatsApp images accidentally while viewing my WhatsApp chats. I have checked for those images in my gallery app, but they are not found there also. Is there any way to retrieve them back?

If you are using WhatsApp app regularly, then it is obvious that you are also dealing with such type of issues. If so, then no need to worry about, many of you were asking such questions.

So today in this tutorial I am going to suggest some of the effective methods applying which you can restore deleted WhatsApp pictures. If you really want to recover the erased images from your Android phone, then try out the mentioned methods as quickly as possible.

Android Data Recovery- Recover deleted data from Android phones/tablets

The best and efficient tool to recover lost, deleted, disappeared, inaccessible data from Android phones/tablets. Some unique features include:

  • Directly recover various types of data such as photos, contacts, SMS, videos, WhatsApp, call logs, documents, notes, etc.
  • Recover data in any situation like accidental, water damage, unintentional, factory reset, formatting, virus attack or other reasons
  • Allows one-click option to “Recover” deleted files without backup


Can We Retrieve Deleted Whatsapp Images?

Yes, you can easily retrieve deleted WhatsApp images without further loss. But do you know the actual reason behind it?

Well, the actual reason is not very complicated but most of the users dont know that the files or images once deleted from the phone are not permanently removed. They still remain in the device but in hidden form.

So whenever your any important data are deleted, then you still have a chance to retrieve them unless any new file overwrites it.

Therefore, for successful recovery of files, it is suggested not to use the device further for any purpose. Also, disable every network connection and better look for any powerful recovery tool.

Method #1: Restore WhatsApp Photos Using The Perfect Tool

Android Data Recovery is one of the best-recommended tools that is specially designed to restore the lost data from WhatsApp. This tool is very flexible as well as reliable. Thus, if you want instant recovery of your missing WhatsApp images then definitely you should make use of this powerful tool.

The additional feature of this tool is that it will not only allow you to recover the WhatsApp picture but you will also be able to retrieve all types of data such as – pictures, videos, audio files, chat history, GIF images, etc. Anyone can operate this fantastic tool as it doesn’t require any kind of technical knowledge.

Hence if you are a smartphone user then the Android data recovery tool is suitable for you. Apart from this, this program will recover WhatsApp deleted images in a safe and secure manner.

Follow The Steps To Recover WhatsApp Pictures On Android

First, download and launch Android Data Recovery on PC and choose recovery mode to start. Both modes are almost the same to use, so select “Android Data Recovery” to move ahead.

Select your device model along with name on the next page and then tap on Next.

Now the app will automatically download a matching data package on your phone.

 After the download is finished, connect your Android device to PC

Next, select the types of files to scan

Now, select the required files you want to restore

Method #2: Restore Deleted Whatsapp Pictures Via Google Drive Backup

If you really want to recover deleted WhatsApp images from your Google Drive, then you have to make use of the same phone number as well as the Google account, which you have previously used to save the backup.

Hence, to learn more about how to retrieve deleted WhatsApp pictures on Android from the Google drive backup, follow the steps provided below:

  1. First, you have to reinstall your “WhatsApp” app.
  2. Then, it’ll confirm your mobile phone number.
  3. Now, after confirming your number, you’ll get a message to recover your lost images from Google Drive.
  4. After completing the restoration process, make a tap on “Next“.
  5. At the last step, you will get back your deleted images.

Method #3: Recover Missing WhatsApp Photos Using Phone’s WhatsApp Folder

This solution is specially provided for the Android users. There is one thing which you need to know i.e  WhatsApp always stores each and every photo in its folder, it means that whatever images you’ve sent or received by your side.

If your images get deleted mistakenly from your side, you can easily retrieve them back through the WhatApp folder.

For that, you just simply need to follow out the given steps:

  • In the first step, you have to go to your Internal memory
  • Then, again go to your WhatsApp app > Media > WhatsApp photos

Now, in this folder, you will get all the important images you have sent or received by you.

Method #4: Retrieve Deleted WhatsApp Photos Via Auto-Backup

Whenever the WhatsApp images get deleted from your Android phone, you can restore them using auto-backup. Photo deletion is a very common thing so you don’t have to worry, as now it will be easier for you to restore lost pictures with the help of auto backup.

But to execute this process, you have to reinstall your WhatsApp app on your Android phone. Doing so will enable you to make recovery of the WhatsApp deleted pictures.

If you do not know how to do so, just try out these steps:

  • Firstly, you need to uninstall your WhatsApp and have to reinstall it again
  • This time you have to confirm your phone number after this you will be permitted to retrieve the Whatapp images from a local backup.
  • Now, simply click on the “Restore” option

  • After performing the above steps you can restore all your data including images.

NOTE– During the recovery process, you will get a message asking whether you wish to retrieve your deleted WhatsApp images from the auto backup or from the Google Drive backup.

Method #5: Rescue Lost Photos Using WhatsApp Sent Images Folder

This method helps many users to retrieve their lost images back. So, you must have to try out this method to get the answers to such questions- how to recover WhatsApp images in Android

These are some of the steps provided to you.

  • Simply connect your Android phone to the computer through USB cable & make sure MTP/PTP connection is enabled.

  • Next, open the Windows Explorer by clicking Windows Key + E together and then choose your Android device in “Devices & drives”.

  • After this, go to your WhatsApp, then click on Media > WhatsApp pictures > Sent & here you’ll find all your sent photos successfully.

  • At last, copy all pictures that you want to your system & save them on your folder.

Where Are Whatsapp Images Stored?

After downloading the WhatsApp images, they directly go to your Android phone’s Gallery app. So simply go to your Gallery app & search for your “WhatsApp Images”. Sometimes, it may happen that your folder is existing in the “Other” section of your Gallery too. Therefore, if you wish, then you can copy those photographs from that WhatsApp Images folder & paste it wherever you want.

Time to Conclude

We all know that photos and video files are important for each people. Hence, if you’ve also taken the best & unforgettable pictures from your Android mobile phone then it becomes a very stressful situation to deal with the reality that your favorite photos have been lost forever.

Therefore, in such a case, you can go with the specified methods as mentioned in this post. But if you want an instant way to retrieve deleted WhatsApp pictures on Android then use Android Data Recovery. Last but not least all the aforementioned solutions may help you to come out through the situation.

That’s all…

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