How To Recover Data After Factory Reset iPhone Generally, the users have to perform a factory reset on their iPhone to fix some unexpected issues or bugs. However, some of the users do this to get better results or to gain a better experience. And after that they have to face a horrible situation i.e. they lose their all existing iPhone data.

The worse situation arises when you’ve no backup of those deleted iPhone data.

But if you have the backup using iCloud or iTunes then just calm down.

If not, do not worry as you’ve reached the correct place. This useful article will introduce the 3 best ways on how to recover data after factory reset iPhone without backup or with backup.

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Is It Possible To Recover Data After Factory Reset iPhone?

Yes! It is possible to recover data after factory reset iPhone. How? Let’s see…

If you have intentionally or unintentionally performed the factory reset on your device, there’re still possibilities to recover photos and videos after the factory reset iPhone successfully.

However, if you have already set your device to an iCloud or iTunes backup then you can easily bring those lost files back after performing a factory reset.

But, in case you haven’t created any backup before doing a factory reset, you need to try the iPhone data recovery tool. It will deep scan your iPhone and recover all your data back with ease.

Before proceeding towards the solutions to recover data after factory reset iPhone you can check out the below-given reasons which can lead to iPhone data loss situations.

Reasons Behind The iPhone Data Deletion

Apart from factory reset, there are other reasons as well that can lead to severe data loss.

Here I’ve listed some of the causes of data deletion on iPhone:

  • Unintentional or accidental data deletion
  • Due to water damage
  • Virus/malware attack
  • Failure while upgrading the phone
  • Jailbreak

As you have learned the major reasons behind the data deletion from the iPhone, now it’s time to know the possible ways to recover photos after factory reset iPhone.

[Best Way] How To Recover Data After Factory Reset iPhone Without Backup?

If you haven’t created a backup of your iPhone data and stuck with any data loss situation then you can try iPhone Data Recovery. Yes, it is the best option, which can help you to recover data after factory reset iPhone free. It will allow you to scan your device deeply and restore every bit of deleted or lost data in a safe & secure manner.

Besides, this tool has the ability to retrieve several types of data like photos, messages, contacts, videos, WhatsApp messages, notes, recordings, call history, and many others. It supports various iPhone models like iPhone 12/12 Pro/XR/XS/XS Max/X/8/7/6 11/11 Pro/11 Pro Plus/6/5C/5S/5/4S/4, etc.

The best part about this software is that- it is available for both Windows as well as Mac OS. So, what are you waiting for? Just Download iPhone Data Recovery & restore your deleted media files from iPhone/iPad easily.


Here Are The Steps To Recover Lost Data After Reset iPhone

How To Recover Data After Factory Reset iPhone [Manual Solutions]

If you have set your iPhone to an iCloud or iTunes backup, then you can try out the below two methods. These solutions are very useful and helpful to recover your lost iPhone data after doing a factory reset.

Solution #1: Recover The Data From iPhone Using iCloud Backup

If you have enabled the sync option to backup your stuff, then you can easily recover your wiped iPhone data. Here are the required steps:

  • Go to the Settings > click on General > Reset>> Erase all Contents & Settings
  • Then, on your Apps & Data screen, you have to make a tap on Restore from iCloud Backup
  • Log in to the iCloud account now
  • After that choose the applicable backup option from the given list & have to click on the Restore
  • As the process is completed, just restarts your iPhone & recover all your deleted data

Solution #2: Recover The Lost iPhone Data Via iTunes Backup

This method will useful for you, if you’ve set your iPhone backup to iTunes then you’ll able to restore your lost data from the iTunes backup.

So, you need to ensure that you’re using a recent version of your iTunes.

You have to follow the given steps as guided below:

  • Open the iTunes on your PC that has the backup files.
  • Then, connect the iPhone to the PC.
  • Choose the phone icon as it appears in the iTunes.
  • From the Summary panel, tap on Restore from backup option
  • Lastly, choose the backup option from an available archives list & then click on Restore.

After finishing all the steps, you can check whether your lost data have been recovered or not.

NOTE–You must remember that whenever you’ll restore your missing data, all the previous data will also be restored & can also lead to data loss of those files which you’ve not backed up.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can iPhone Data Be Recovered After Reset?

The answer to this question is YES, you can recover your lost iPhone data after performing factory reset in it. However, it’s not an easier task to recover them, yet you can say that the deleted iPhone data can be recoverable easily with the help of the iCloud and iTunes backup.

How Do I Recover Photos From My iPhone After Factory Reset Without Backup?

You can easily recover your deleted iPhone photos after factory reset without backup by using the most reliable iPhone data recovery tool.

Does Factory Reset Remove All Data?

Yes, doing factory reset is supposed to wipe out everything from your device. However, some of your old personal info still remains in your phone safely. Yet, it is always advised to save backup before performing factory reset on your phone.

Bottom Line

It’s true that doing a factory reset is supposed to delete everything but there are some helpful methods that can help you to get them back. In this blog, I have started two different cases to recover the lost data – with & without backup. In case, you have a backup you can try out the given manuals (iTunes or iCloud backup).

But if you don’t have a backup, you are advised to use the perfect iPhone data recovery tool. However, recovering the data from an iPhone without backup undoubtedly requires more effort. But you can make the instant recovery of data by using the above-mentioned tool.


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