What Are Some Essential Android Apps To Use In 2022

There are tons of incredible Android apps available. However, some stand out from all the others. These apps are beneficial for almost anyone regardless of their usage scenario.  To download these apps, make sure your internet connection is top-notch, like Mediacom.

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Here are 8 must-have Android apps. If you have an Android download them now! Also, don’t forget; they are essential to your life, so might as well go ahead and get them all.

1.     Google Drive

It is a cloud storage service that is available on Android, which allows new users to receive 15GB for free when they sign up. Of course, it is possible to purchase more storage if you need to. What is it that makes Google Drive so special is the collection of Android applications that are connected to it?

It includes Google Sheets, Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Photos, Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Keep. Google drive covers a lot of points and is so affordable that it’s difficult not to recommend it to nearly everyone.

A few of the functions of these applications include live collaboration, advanced sharing capabilities, and the ability to work with Microsoft Office documents. It’s simple to use,  and you’ll get 15GB of free storage space for your documents. Google Drive’s cross-platform compatibility is also exceptional.

2.     Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard

Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard is among the most customizable and powerful third-party keyboards on the market. It came out a few years ago and featured an engine that was more predictive than similar to any other keyboard and has grown significantly in the past. A no-cost download comes with free themes, so you do not pay a cent.

3.     Google Maps

Google Maps virtually owns the app scene for navigation and remains among the top Android applications ever. It is updated frequently, with almost weekly updates, adding to its numerous list of functions.

Apart from the basics, Google Maps gives you access to popular places and traffic information, and directions to places like gas stations or rest stops, and it is possible to download maps to use offline.

4.     Duolingo

If you’ve been trying to learn a new language, you’ve probably heard about Duolingo. An app lets you learn a new language. If you’re like me, you’ve been trying for years to learn French and Spanish and have never really found an app that makes learning fun.

Nevertheless, now that Duolingo is available on Android, it’s possible to learn a new language right on your phone.

5.   Google Assistant

This is an extremely robust application. It works with all Android devices. It is easy to download the app and then allow it. Once you have it enabled, you can make it do anything you want. It can also support a range of commands.

It can be used to control smart home appliances or ask it anything and even solve simple maths questions for you. It’s part of a wide range of gadgets, such as Google Home speakers. There’s also a Google Assistant app for folks who prefer a simple launch button on their home screen.

6.     Nova Launcher

We initially didn’t intend to mention any launchers in this list, but we had to. Nova Launcher appears to be expanding beyond what standard launchers do. It’s been around for a long time and is constantly upgraded, which means it’s always been a good alternative to a replacement for your launcher.

It’s packed with a myriad of functions that include the capability to backup and restore the home screen’s settings and icon themes for all your Android apps, a myriad of options for customizing the home screen and the app drawer, and much more.

7.     Poweramp

Poweramp is among the most adored and useful local music players for Android. Moreover, it has all the features you need, including high-res audio, an equalizer, Android Auto, gapless smoothing, and support for nearly every audio codec available.

The UI is a slow learning process. However, it’s one of the best-looking music players and has various themes available in Google Play Store.

8.     LastPass

LastPass is among the essential Android applications. A password manager allows you to save login details securely. In addition, it’s able to generate almost impossible passwords to apply to your accounts. This is all controlled by the master password. It is cross-platform compatible (premium version available only), which means you can use the program on PCs, tablets, mobile devices, or others.

There are other options, but LastPass appears to be one step ahead of the pack most often. In addition, the premium edition is cheap. It is also possible to purchase LastPass Authenticator to go along with it to provide additional security


Android phones are amazing devices that provide entertainment, and let you work from anywhere. With the right app, you can turn your basic phone or tablet into a portable movie theater, workstation, an art canvas or recipe management system, etc.

However, finding top Android applications can be quite a task. Download the app mentioned above for an extraordinary experience.

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