[4 Methods] Recover Text Messages After Factory Reset Android

Have you lost your valuable text messages after a factory reset your Android phone?

Wondering how to recover messages after factory reset Android?

Well, if your text messages are deleted and seriously looking at how to retrieve them then this is the right place.

Here, you will get some best methods on how to recover text messages after factory reset Android.

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Android users perform a factory reset to clean the device and then install the third-party apps & other credentials.

Factory reset usually wipes away the entire Android device and then restores it to the default setup.

There are different types of factory resets such as soft reset, hard reset that are done on phones but sometimes this factory reset can flush all your important data and delete them.

If you have also done a factory reset and lost text messages then you might be looking for ways to recover text SMS after factory reset android.

So, without wasting a single second let’s get started with this blog.

What Factory Reset Does On Android?


A factory reset is performed to restore your device to its default settings.

Apart from this, other reasons to do factory reset are:

  • Improves the device performance
  • Saves all the personal as well as private data secure and safe
  • It is done before selling the phone to another person
  • Fix Wi-Fi hotspot or any other apps issue
  • Troubleshoot the freezing or lagging problem after the update
  • It helps in fixing the pattern lock & password

NOTE: Factory reset must be done with caution and keep a backup of all your essential data as there are chances you can lose your data such as contacts, photos, call logs, settings, text messages, and others.

Method 1- How to Recover Text Messages after Factory Reset Android without Backup

To recover text messages after a factory reset Android without backup, go with Android Data Recovery. This is the best Android SMS Recovery tool through which anyone can recover deleted data from their phone.

Whether you have factory reset your phone or it is broken no matter what the reason for the loss of photos, music, videos, call logs, text messages and others can be restored easily.

It is easy to use and doesn’t need any technical skills. The software supports all kinds of Android devices including Samsung, LG, Sony, Huawei, Nokia, Vivo, Oppo, Xiaomi, Lenovo, OnePlus, Google and others.

You just have to download this tool and leave the rest work on it. It will analyze and then scan your device and restore all the data back to your phone.

It supports all versions of Android as well as a backup of your data safely without harming the existing data.

Follow The step by step guide to Recover Text Messages After Factory Reset Android

Android Data Recovery- Recover deleted data from Android phones/tablets

The best and efficient tool to recover lost, deleted, disappeared, inaccessible data from Android phones/tablets. Some unique features include:

  • Directly recover various types of data such as photos, contacts, SMS, videos, WhatsApp, call logs, documents, notes, etc.
  • Recover data in any situation like accidental, water damage, unintentional, factory reset, formatting, virus attack or other reasons
  • Allows one-click option to “Recover” deleted files without backup

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Method 2- Use Google Account To Restore Text Messages On Android After Factory Reset

Every Android user links their mobile with the Google account and has enabled sync option then it gets easier to get back text messages after factory reset.

If you haven’t synced your accounts during the setup process (Google account) then follow the steps to know how to sync data.

  • Go to the settings of your phone
  • Click on Google under the Backup & reset option
  • Sign in with username and your password
  • Click on Sync
  • Select the data that you want to backup to Google and then click on Restore all sync data

Now, you can easily restore your lost text messages after a factory reset, following are the steps to do so:

  • Login to your Google account with the same username & password that you used while setting up your account
  • Go to settings > Backup & reset
  • Enable Automatic restore

Wait for some time and then text messages will be restored in your Android phone after factory reset.

Remember that backing up your data is very important.

Method 3- Use Google Drive To Recover Text Message After Factory Reset

Google Drive is a feature in Google account where users can save a lot of data where it allows 15 GB of space.

Whatever important text messages are there you can easily backup them and restore them after a factory reset.

You might be thinking about how to recover text messages after factory reset Android via Google drive.

It is simple, just log in to your Google account > Drive > storage and then click on backup.

In case you have preinstalled Google drive on your phone then the text message will be automatically preserved.

NOTE: Google Drive updates its backup within 12 hours to 24 hours so that whenever any text message is deleted can be restored immediately.

Tip: Creating a backup of your important data is very essential. You can either take a screenshot of your text message & save it to drive and restore later.

Method 4: Use Third-Party Apps

Lots of third-party apps are available on Google Play Store to help you out on how to recover messages after factory reset Android.

Some useful messages app includes SMS Backup & Restore, SMS Backup+, and others.

So you need to download them simply and backup all your texts to it and later on when required, just download them from the app itself.

Click Here to know some best third-party apps to retrieve lost SMS.


Can you recover text messages after a factory reset?

With the help of Android data recovery you can easily recover not only text messages but also contacts, images, music & others after a factory reset. This tool is the easiest way to get your disappeared text messages from Android after a factory reset within a couple of minutes

How can I retrieve text messages from my broken Android phone

To recover text messages from broken Android phone you can rely on Android data recovery. Download and install this software, connect the broken phone to PC with a USB cable. Choose the Fault type > enter the download mode > analyze the broken phone > preview & recover the text messages

Is it possible to recover deleted text messages from Android?

You can easily recover text messages from Android with the help of Google account or the data recovery tool. But before applying any of the methods keep in mind not to overwrite the data or reboot the device again and again.


Android users perform a factory reset to remove various problems that occur on their phones and sometimes it causes loss of data.

To recover text SMS after factory reset Android, I have listed a few methods that will guide you in getting back your data.

For the best recovery method, try Android Data Recovery software to retrieve text messages after factory reset Android without backup.

Further, if you have any suggestions or queries, mention them in below comment section.

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