Recover Deleted Messages From Facebook Messenger On Android

It’s really hard to bear the data loss situation especially when your critical Facebook conversation gets deleted. This is actually an “AWW” moment as you never expect such kind of thing. Those chats or messages can be precious and you never want to lose them at any cost. But now, there is nothing to panic about if the same situation has happened to you.

Nowadays, plenty of users are searching for various ways on how to recover deleted messages from Facebook Messenger. But I must tell you that there is no need to worry.

Just go through this useful tutorial and get the topmost solutions to retrieve deleted messages from Facebook Messenger on Android.

So without any delay, let’s read further and find deleted messages on Facebook Messenger.

Note– Facebook keeps all your data for 90 days. In between this time period, if you try to recover the messages then there is a high chance to restore them easily. You can visit Messenger Help Center for more information.

Can You Retrieve Deleted Messages From Messenger On Android?

Lots of users have the same question after losing their precious conversations from Facebook. Well, I must say that yes, you can retrieve deleted messages from Facebook Messenger.

But do you know how it is possible?

After you lose or delete a Facebook conversation, they are not permanently deleted. It means that you have a chance to retrieve them without any difficulty. Sometimes, the chats are archived and you think they are removed.

So all in whole, there are several ways that can help you recover permanently deleted messages on Facebook Messenger.

How To Recover Permanently Deleted Messages On Facebook Messenger [Automatic solution]

In order to recover deleted Messenger messages, you can use one of the best recovery software that is – Android Data Recovery software. This program is always recommended by the professionals and it’s very easy to use as well.

This excellent tool can recover any kind of data such as – call logs, contacts, pictures, text messages, videos, WhatsApp messages, audio files, notes, documents, and many more.

Android data recovery software has many capabilities that it can rescue the deleted files from the internal as well as the external storage of your phone. The best part about this tool is that it supports almost all the brands of Android including Xiaomi, Oppo, Lenovo, Huawei, Samsung, Sony, OnePlus, Nokia, LG, Vivo, HTC and others.

Therefore, this is best too, on how to recover permanently deleted messages on Facebook on pc.

So, do not worry at all, just Download Android Data Recovery & easily retrieve your deleted media files back.

Android Data Recovery- Recover deleted data from Android phones/tablets

The best and efficient tool to recover lost, deleted, disappeared, inaccessible data from Android phones/tablets. Some unique features include:

  • Directly recover various types of data such as photos, contacts, SMS, videos, WhatsApp, call logs, documents, notes, etc.
  • Recover data in any situation like accidental, water damage, unintentional, factory reset, formatting, virus attack or other reasons
  • Allows one-click option to “Recover” deleted files without backup


Steps On How To Recover Deleted Messages From Facebook Messenger On Android

How To Recover Deleted Messages From Facebook Messenger [Manual solutions]

Solution #1: Retrieve Deleted Messages From Facebook Messenger

Many times, it happens that users store the chats on their messenger and thought that the messages have gone forever but that’s not the truth.

Here, try out the given steps to learn how to recover deleted messages from Facebook messenger on Android:

  • Open your Messenger & then go to the recent chats.

  • Now, just simply click on search box & search for recent chats you have archived.

  • Here, you will get the conversation you need, now select it & then again tap on Unarchive Message.

Solution #2: Recover the Deleted Facebook conversation from the Android Phone Memory

The Facebook messenger always uses to save the copy of chats on a memory card of your device. Therefore, you can try the file explorer app to recover deleted Messenger messages on your phone memory. So, start following the below steps as guided:

  • Download & install the File Explorer app on the Android phone from your Google Play Store.

  • Then, start the app and then click on the Device internal storage >> Android >> Data.

  • Start searching the folder that holds the deleted files for the Facebook namely, “com.facebook.orca

  • At this time, you need to click on Cache, after that fb_temp. Here you will get all the backup of your Facebook chats & from there you can recover your backup files.

Solution #3: Get back the Deleted Facebook chats via Downloaded Facebook Data

If you do not want to lose your Facebook messages in the future, for that you should keep a copy of all the Facebook chats either on your Android phone or on the computer. Now, just check out the below-given steps in order to recover deleted Messenger messages on Android.

  • At first, go to the & sign in with your Facebook account and then simply tap on Settings.
  • Again, go to the “General Account Settings” & make a tap on Download a copy of your Facebook Data option & click on Start My Archive on pop up.

  • After that, tap on the download link & then you have to enter your Facebook account password & have to click on Continue button

  • Next click on the Download Archive option & it’ll download your deleted chats on your Android phone in compressed format.
  • Here, you are required to unzip that file & have to open an Index file on it.
  • At last, hit on Facebook Messages and here you will get all the deleted chats

Solution #4: Retrieve missing Messenger Messages On Android Phone Using PC

You can also try another solution to recover your deleted messenger messages that is check your Android phone using PC. Know how to do so:

  • Firstly, connect the Android phone to your PC with the help of USB cable
  • After that, simply go to the Internal storage & make a click on Android
  • Again tap on Data then start searching for the folder “facebook.orca

From this folder simply search for the “cache” now from that, click on fb_temp & then find all the deleted Facebook chats with the backups in this folder.

FAQ [Frequently Ask Questions]

How Long Does Messenger Keep Deleted Messages?

Facebook keeps all your deleted messages only for 90 days. Hence, if you’re able to retrieve those missing messages within the given time period, then it’s good for you but if not then those messages will be deleted permanently. That time, in order to recover those permanently deleted messages you have to make use the feature-loaded Android data recovery tool.

Where Did My FB Messages Go?

If you want to know that where the deleted Facebook conversations go, just read the below-given steps:

  • In the first step, click on messages and then on ‘see all’ option which you will see on the drop-down menu.
  • Again go back to the messages screen, you’ll see at the top of the left corner.
  • Here, just below the Facebook, you will get the ‘Inbox’ option & similarly at the right side of it ‘other’ option will see in the grey color.
  • As you will make a click on the ‘other’ option then all your Facebook lost chats will be displayed on the screen.

To Sum Up

For whatever reasons your Facebook messenger chat has been deleted, no matter, you can easily Recover Deleted Messages from Facebook Messenger on Android by applying the above-mentioned solutions.

However, if you have lost your Facebook conversation permanently then you can try the most convenient Android data recovery tool. This is an effective tool that helps you on how to recover deleted messages from Facebook Messenger.

So, without wasting your time anymore, just start trying out the given solutions one after another. Therefore, if this article helps you in any way, do not forget to discuss it with your friends.

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